About Us

Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual abuse navigate the legal process throughout the United States.  During that time we have represented more U.S. survivors of abuse by the Congregation of Christian Brothers than any other attorneys.  Thanks to the courage of those clients, we have documented how the Christian Brothers allowed so many children to be sexually abused by their members at schools throughout the country.  It is unlikely any other U.S. attorneys have devoted as much time and resources to helping people who were abused because of the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

In early 2011, after many years of legal battles, we obtained a court order that required the Christian Brothers to produce documents on their sexually abusive members from their headquarters in Rome.  Shortly thereafter, two of their asset-holding entities declared bankruptcy.  We have been actively helping survivors through the bankruptcy process since it was filed.

In addition to our unique experience with this bankruptcy and with claims against the Christian Brothers, we have helped hundreds of people who survived abuse because of reckless or negligent conduct by other religious and nonreligious organizations.  For example, Michael T. Pfau played a significant role in the Jesuit bankruptcy and the Spokane Diocese bankruptcy, and we are currently assisting a number of survivors in the Milwaukee Archdiocese bankruptcy.  We have also represented hundreds of other individuals who were sexually abused by priests, survived sexual abuse by Boy Scout leaders, Mormon leaders, and other people who abused their position of trust and power.

This bankruptcy will affect the rights of abuse survivors across the country.  While we have experience prosecuting abuse claims in many states, we also partner with local attorneys in some states.  We feel this approach allows our clients and our co-counsel to benefit from our near decade of experience in prosecuting claims against the Christian Brothers and other entities that harbored pedophiles, while at the same time giving our clients the peace of mind that they are being helped by someone local.

Michael T. Pfau and Jason P. Amala

Seattle sexual abuse attorneys Michael T. Pfau and Jason P. Amala of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC have devoted their legal practice to helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  Over the past ten years, Mike and Jason have collectively helped hundreds of abuse survivors across the United States.  They have also represented survivors in three large Catholic clergy bankruptcies.  “It is important for survivors to know there is justice and accountability for the wrongs they suffered.  When a survivor makes a claim, they become part of a strong, unified voice for change.  It can be an important step toward healing and recovery.”  Mike and Jason live and are licensed to practice law in Seattle, Washington, but they are often asked by attorneys in other states to help them prosecute abuse claims.  Mike and Jason have been admitted by the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York for the purpose of representing their clients in the Christian Brothers bankruptcy proceedings.

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