Claim Deadline for Abuse Survivors

What Can I Do Now that the Deadline Has Passed?

If you survived abuse by a Christian Brother or at one of their schools, you may still have options.  In past bankruptices, the parties have agreed to a fund for “future claims,” which is available to survivors who did not file by the original deadline.  Additionally, you may still be able to file a claim against other Christian Brothers entities and corporations that are not in the bankruptcy, as well as the local Diocese or Archdiocese that was responsible for supervising the Christian Brothers.

It is important that you immediately contact one of our sexual abuse attorneys to learn your options.  Please do not delay as you may have a limited time to file certain claims, and all claims are governed by a statute of limitations that varies from state to state.

What is the “Bar Date” Deadline for the Christian Brothers bankruptcy?

The “bar date” deadline is perhaps the most important part of the bankruptcy process for people who have claims against the Christian Brothers, including survivors of sexual abuse.  The “bar date” is a date by which people must file a claim with the bankruptcy court or else they may be forever “barred” from filing a claim against the Christian Brothers.  This is the main reason these Christian Brothers entities filed for bankruptcy.

August 1, 2012, Bankruptcy Deadline for Sexual Abuse Survivors

All survivors of sexual abuse who have a claim against the Christian Brothers must file a claim with the bankruptcy court by August 1, 2012, or they may forever lose their rights to file a claim against them.  You can read the bankruptcy court order regarding this deadline, as well as the formal notice for sexual abuse survivors.  Please contact us if you have questions about this important deadline or want an update on the bankruptcy proceedings.

May 11, 2012, Bankruptcy Deadline for All Other Claims

The deadline for people with non-sexual abuse claims, including physical abuse, is May 11, 2012.  If you fail to file a claim with the bankruptcy court by that date, you may be barred from filing the claim later.  You can read the bankruptcy court order regarding this deadline, as well as the formal notice for all non-sexual abuse claims.  Please contact us if you have questions about this important deadline or want an update on the bankruptcy proceedings.

Can I Ignore the Bar Date Deadline and File Later?

No.  The bar date deadline is very serious and cannot be ignored.  It is the main reason why these entities filed for bankruptcy.  In exchange for turning over their available assets, the bankrupt entities received a “bar date” that prevents people from suing them in the future.  In some circumstances, people who were not even aware of the deadline may still be prevented from bringing a claim for the abuse they suffered.  As noted above, now that the deadline has passed, it is very important that you immediately contact us to learn your remaining options.

What if I Have a Claim for Physical Abuse or Something Else?

The bar date deadline for non-sexual abuse claims is May 11, 2012, including physical abuse claims.

How Do I File a Claim in Order to Protect My Rights?

We can answer your questions about the bar date, and we can help you file a claim in order to protect your rights. While you do not need to hire an attorney , we recommend that you at least talk with us or another attorney to ensure you have a voice in the bankruptcy process and to ensure your rights are fully protected.

What if I Don’t Recognize the Names of the Bankrupt Entities?

The Christian Brothers have a long history of moving assets throughout different parts of their organization.  While you may not recognize the names of the two entities that declared bankruptcy, these entities were provided at least some of the assets that the Christian Brothers accumulated from running schools across the country.  In their court documents, the Christian Brothers have also represented that these two entities controlled most or all of those schools, or at the very least they profited from the Christian Brothers who worked at those schools.

What if I Don’t See the Name of My School or the Abusive Christian Brother?

If our past experience is any indicator, the names of more schools and more Christian Brothers will be added as more and more survivors come forward.  For that reason, we believe the list of schools and list of Christian Brothers on this website are very incomplete.  We will try to update the lists as more survivors come forward, but please do not rely on the existing lists as exclusive.  If you survived abuse by a Christian Brother, or at a school or institution associated with the Christian Brothers, please contact us to explore your rights and to protect your rights.