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Bankrupt Christian Brothers to Pay $16.5 Million to Settle Sexual Abuse Claims

(New York)  —  The Christian Brothers of Ireland, a Catholic religious order, has agreed to pay $16.5 million to settle the claims of more than 400 survivors of sexual and physical abuse.  The order will also transfer ownership of various properties and certain insurance policies that may provide coverage of abuse claims.

In April 2011, two asset-holding corporations of the Christian Brothers, The Christian Brothers of Ireland, Inc., an Illinois corporation, and the Christian Brothers Institute, a New York corporation, filed ...

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“Religious Order Knew of Molestation Charges”…

The local Oak Lawn Patch has published an extensive article about abuse by the Christian Brothers in Illinois.  The article has links to some of the evidence we have uncovered while pursuing claims against the Christian Brothers over the past decade.  It also provides the perpsectives of sexual abuse attorneys Michael Pfau and Jason Amala about the bankruptcy, including what it ...

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Christian Brothers and Illinois Schools

The Sun Times is covering our efforts to hold the Christian Brothers accountable for allowing children to be abused at Leo High School, St. Laurence High School, and Brother Rice High School.  As noted in the article, each of those schools harbored ...

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Christian Brothers and Palma High School

Today the Monterey Herald wrote an article that discusses evidence that the Christian Brothers appear to have transferred assets between corporations in an effort to shield them away from survivors of child sexual abuse.  You can read Seattle sexual abuse attorney Mike Pfau’s perspective on the timing of the transfers and what it may mean for creditors in the bankruptcy.

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Christian Brothers Declare Bankruptcy

The Congregation of Christian Brothers have filed for bankruptcy on behalf of two corporations that it used to acquire wealth in the United States.  In the last ten years we have represented more survivors of sexual abuse by the Christian Brothers in the United States than any other law firm, and the claims of our clients are what caused the Christian Brothers to file for bankruptcy. 

We anticipate that we will be actively involved with the bankruptcy process.  You can read Seattle ...

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