List of Christian Brothers

List of Christian Brothers

The bottom of this webpage includes a link to a list of Christian Brothers who they indicate served in the United States, as well as a growing list of the assignments of certain schools and Christian Brothers.

Who Are the Christian Brothers?

The Congregation of Christian Brothers is a worldwide order of lay religious men.  The first members of the Congregation arrived in the United States in the late 1800s. Over the next century, they spread across the United States and Canada and became involved with a large number of schools and other institutions.

Christian Brother Edward Courtney

The Christian Brothers transferred Brother Edward Courtney between six different schools because he sexually abused children at each school.  In 1978, a Provincial of the Christian Brothers wrote a summary of those transfers that details their knowledge of his abuses.  You can read the summary of Edward Courtney’s transfers and assignments between Brother Rice High School, in Chicago, Brother Rice High School in Michigan, Leo High School in Chicago, St. Laurence High School in Chicago, and then O’Dea High School in Seattle.

How Did It Happen?  A Dangerous Mind

We have uncovered many documents showing how the Christian Brothers failed to protect children from being sexually abused.  A couple of documents regarding Edward Courtney illustrate how it happened.

In March 1974, after they had removed Courtney from three schools in Illinois and one in Michigan, the Christian Brothers voted that he should have “no contact with Rice, Leo or Laurence in any way, shape or form.  His sole contact man is to be Bernie Rohan, who will keep us informed of his developments.”  View of a copy of their decision regarding Brother Edward Courtney and Brother Rohan by clicking here.

Four years later, that same Brother Rohan recommended Courtney for a teaching certificate so he could teach in Washington.  He told the Washington authorities that Courtney “maintained good order in his classes without being harsh or rigid” and “approached the task with a basic fairness and sensitivity to the individual student.”  You can read a copy of Brother Rohan’s glowing letter of recommendation for Brother Edward Courtney.

List of Christian Brothers

The following is a partial list of the names of Christian Brothers who served at one or more school that harbored alleged sexual abusers.  While this list includes the names of many Brothers who are alleged to have sexually abused children, this is not an exhaustive list and not every one of these Brothers abused children.  Again, this is not an exhaustive list, and we believe it will grow as more and more survivors come forward.  You can also read the list of Christian Brothers who they have indicated ever served in the United States.

If you were abused by a Christian Brother, or by someone associated with a Christian Brother school or institution, please contact us to make sure your rights are protected.  Even if the person’s name does not appear on the list below, or if their school does not appear on the list of schools, your claim may be covered by this bankruptcy and you must come forward by the upcoming bankruptcy deadlines in order to preserve your rights.

Briscoe Memorial School

Not all of the people listed below have been accused of physical or sexual abuse.  While many have, this is merely a list of Christian Brothers who served at Briscoe Memorial School.

Christian Brother NameStart Date at BriscoeEnd Date at Briscoe
Charles Joachim Avendano9/1/19499/1/1965
Edward Benedict Boyle9/1/19569/1/1957
James Majella Bredin9/16/191611/7/1932
Anthony Alexander Cannon9/1/19619/1/1962
Albert Bernard Casale9/1/19569/1/1969
William Patricius Cashman9/1/19187/11/1930
John Owen Cawley2/1/19659/1/1966
David Phillip Ceballos9/1/19689/1/1969
James Patrick Cliggett9/1/19616/27/1964
Edward Leo Cobb12/23/19529/4/1954
Laurence Luman Collins9/14/19529/13/1954
John Gabriel Connolly9/1/19609/1/1961
Patrick Berchmans Croke9/1/19589/1/1970
Michael Leo Crumlish9/9/19499/9/1951
Robert John Cullerton9/1/19689/1/1970
Michael Sebastian Curtis8/1/19207/15/1936
Vincent Alban Daley8/23/19369/5/1939
John Ignatius Danker9/1/19649/1/1965
Francis Ambrose Deady9/1/19328/1/1936
Frank Patrick Delamere9/1/19636/27/1968
William Vincent Dering9/1/19676/27/1969
Francis (Leo) Mathew Doherty10/1/19269/1/1931
John Joseph Donnelly9/1/19359/1/1944
William Benedict Donohue1/8/19249/1/1970
Patrick Rudolph Duffy9/1/19589/1/1959
James Xavier Dunphy8/5/19439/4/1949
Donald Paul Dwyer9/1/19549/1/1955
Dale Ferrer Eccleston9/1/19649/1/1966
Joseph Gregory Fairleigh9/1/19539/1/1955
Lawrence Anselm Fellows9/1/19409/1/1944
Desmond Hugh Fitzgerald10/17/19219/1/1922
Frederick Louis Frick9/1/19509/1/1952
Michael Flannan Garvey8/28/19379/1/1940
Patrick Rupert Gibbs9/1/19147/26/1931
James Gabriel Glos9/1/19609/1/1961
Carlos Vianney Gonzalez9/1/19559/1/1956
John Hugh Greenan9/1/19629/1/1963
Thomas Eugene Guihen9/1/19619/1/1963
Michael Giles Hallissey9/1/19147/1/1924
Joseph J Hanley9/1/19559/1/1960
James Vincent Hanney9/1/19639/1/1964
John Alphonsus Hannon9/1/19619/1/1966
James Alvarez Houlihan9/1/19519/1/1952
John Calasanctius Hunt9/1/19349/1/1962
James Michael Kelly9/1/19639/1/1964
John Ambrose Kelly9/1/19316/1/1951
Patrick Remigius Kiely9/1/19519/1/1953
Joseph Alphonsus King9/1/19409/1/1941
John Bartholomew Lackie9/1/19399/1/1950
Michael Dennis LaDouceur9/1/19676/1/1968
Walter Basil Maher9/1/19236/1/1926
Thomas Felix Maloney9/1/19199/3/1926
John Damian Manning9/1/19449/1/1948
Peter Gerard Martin9/1/192612/1/1929
William Cornelius Martin9/1/19479/1/1949
Patrick Donatus McCormack9/1/19469/1/1950
John Leo McGarry8/1/19149/1/1918
Gerard Gabriel McHugh9/1/19529/1/1953
Charles C McKenna9/1/19599/1/1961
Malcolm Robert Morrison9/1/19689/1/1970
Eugene Pius Mulvany9/1/19149/1/1924
Clement Aidan Murphy9/4/19539/8/1957
Timothy Benildus Murphy9/1/19689/1/1969
Wiliam Cosmas Murphy9/1/19619/1/1962
John Mathew Murray7/1/19507/1/1956
Walter Denis Neary9/1/19459/1/1946
William Gabriel Noonan9/1/19499/1/1950
William Eugene O’Connor9/1/19529/1/1961
Patrick Finan O’Donnell9/1/196612/1/1966
Daniel Innocent Oehrle9/1/19609/1/1961
Edward Bernard Olwell9/1/19579/1/1958
Vincent Michael O’Sullivan8/28/19402/1/1950
Eugene Gervase Pilon9/1/19489/1/1950
Pasquale Borgia Pistone9/1/19309/1/1971
Patrick Matthias Quinn9/1/19329/1/1971
Patrick Vitalis Reid9/1/19459/1/1946
John Philip Reynia9/1/19519/1/1953
James Finbar Roche10/1/19269/1/1932
Andrew Patrick Ryan9/1/19559/1/1960
Cornelius Pulcherius Ryan7/1/19569/1/1968
Daniel Peter Ryan9/1/19499/1/1956
Louis Ignatius Sanchez9/1/19312/1/1950
Raymond Aquinas Schul9/1/19669/1/1970
John Matthew Shea9/4/19529/10/1955
Edward Christopher Smith9/1/19529/1/1953
Charles Gerald St. John9/1/19469/7/1947
Michael Edward Stoyles9/7/19259/1/1930
Robert Edmund Tomkins9/1/19589/1/1959
Wilfred Terence Tracey9/1/19599/1/1961
Thomas Placidus Treacy9/1/19399/1/1940
Victor Dominic Verre9/1/19666/1/1968
John DeSales Walsh8/1/19248/1/1925
Michael Damian Walsh9/1/19509/1/1953
James Vincent Warren8/1/19318/1/1944
John Lee West Warren9/1/19519/1/1955
Joseph Henry Winblad9/1/19579/1/1958